27 September 2017

Release: Kuroko Movie: Last game

Accurate description of Kuroko subs
Nice meme. See you guys next year.

Nyaa.si Nyaa.pantsu.cat Magnet

20 September 2017

Kuroko - Last game

TL - me
Timing - me
QC - me (omegaLUL)
TS - hell no
Total progress - 100

Sub comparison here

2 July 2017

Nyaa.si reuploads

Work in progress. Will update as I track down files


Ano natsu OVA

Tari Tari OVA

Tamako love story

21 July 2016

Toumei Ningen - Final Chapter

Now, this has been quite a ride. ^_^ Thanks for everyone who've supported us for this manga.
I'll be uploading a batch file with all the chapters in it, as well as a few corrections.

20 July 2016

Toumei Ningen 7

I'm decidedly bad at cleaning.....>/////<

18 July 2016

Toumei Ningen 6

Is this a miracle...?

9 May 2016

Release: Harmony

After 6 long weeks here's our release!

face after getting ninja'd for the nth time
TL - JnM
TLC - Natsukage
QC - JnM
Timing - MoeSubs
TS - MoeSubs edit/Kryomatics